L'Isère - René Bourgeois

L'Isère - René Bourgeois

L'Isère - René Bourgeois

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On July 20th, 1893, the 10 articles outlining the rules for entry to this first French exposition (Première Exposition d‘Art Photographique) were established by Photo-Club de Paris president Maurice Bucquet and counter-signed by the club‘s secretary Paul Bourgeois. A jury of ten men was established headed by Armand Dayot, the Inspecteur des Beaux-Arts, and it included five painters, a ...

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Cécile Morette and the Les Houches summer school for theoretical physics; or, how Girl Scouts, the 1944 Caen bombing and a marriage proposal helped rebuild French physics (1951–1972) - Volume 52 Issue 4 - PIERRE VERSCHUEREN

Camille Jourdain, Philippe Belleudy, Michal Tal, Jean-René Malavoi, Le rôle de l’hydrologie sur la destruction de la végétation dans le lit d’une rivière à galets aménagée : l’Isère en Combe de SavoieThe role of hydrology on vegetation removal in a heavily managed gravel bed river: the Isere, Combe de Savoie, France, Géomorphologie : relief, processus, environnement, 10.4000 ...

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Bourgeois 1678-1710, married to Jacques Gosme in 1694. Bourgeois 1676-1710, daughter of Pierre and Louise Guerrier, married to Charles Chignon in 1696. Bourgeois, married to Charles Pasnon. Bourginat, married to Nicolas Collot. Bourgine 1687-1761, daughter of Jacques and Jeanne Tregaut, married to Pierre Sirou in 1706.

The family had made its home in a bourgeois neighborhood, at some distance from where the silk trade was settled, and where young Fred was to enroll in a textile school. The ‘Etablissements Carlin et Fils’ were his first business undertaking, founded in 1919 (La Soierie de Lyon, dated November 1st, 1919). In 1920 the firm became the ‘Société des Tissages Mécaniques de l’Isère[ii ...

Emile Gilioli s’éteint à Paris le 19 janvier 1977, il avait à peine 65 ans. Il repose dans le petit cimetière de Pâquier (Saint Martin de la Cluze) au pied de la chapelle qui lui a inspiré plusieurs sculptures ; l’artiste s’était installé dans ce village de l’Isère pendant la guerre. Il y passait plusieurs mois de l’année pour y « communier avec la nature ». Sa sculpture ...

There does not appear to be any relationship with the machines built by René Mazoyer in the 1950s. Both OTTW and Motos dans la Loire state that post-war, from 1951 to possibly 1958, the company produced cyclemoteurs using engines from Le Poulain, Mistral and Junior. There are very few references to post-war models. Sources: OTTW, Motos dans la Loire. (NIT) Meteore One of the many marques ...

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