Le Début de l'A. - Pascal Rambert

Le Début de l'A. - Pascal Rambert

Le Début de l'A. - Pascal Rambert

Pascal Rambert, November 2004 “There’s something daring and essential in this dialogue of love between a man and a woman interspersed with refrains. I was focused on the story’s creative impact, rather than its ending. The words seemed to stretch out a rope on which the actors tread fearlessly. […] You tremble with them as they fall in love, like the first dawn. Le Début de l’A. …

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Le début de l'A - Pascal Rambert. Cultural, Café-Theatre, Litterature, Poetry, Reading at Marseille. Schedules Provider Map; Schedules Provider Map …

2005: Le Début de l'A. (The beginning of love) by (and directed by) Pascal Rambert, Studio-Theater of the Comédie-Française, reading at the 59th Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre de Gennevilliers. >2008: The beginning of love. Japanese version, by Pascal Rambert, Tokyo, Théâtre de Gennevilliers.

Le Début de l'A. (The Beginning of L.) The 2003 programmation - 57th edition. Share. Le Début de l'A. (The Beginning of L.) Readings at the Festival . by Pascal Rambert Reading; The 2003 archive. France . Go to the next content. The content of this page. Practical infos. Cour du musée Calvet 65 rue Joseph Vernet 84000 Avignon Presentation. Distribution. cast: Kate Moran, Pascal Rambert ...

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