Ode maritime - Fernando Pessoa,Alvaro de Campos

Ode maritime - Fernando Pessoa,Alvaro de Campos

Ode maritime - Fernando Pessoa,Alvaro de Campos

Along the river maritime life begins to stir: Sails are hoisted, tugboats advance, Small boats jut out from behind the ships in the harbour. Álvaro de Campos is one of the many heteronyms of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa who, after growing up in South Africa, spent the majority of his adult life as a writer and commerical translator in Lisbon.

Fernando Pessoa. Portugal Pavilion, 49. Frankfurter Buchmesse, 1997 - 54 pages. 0 Reviews. What people are saying - Write a review. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. Bibliographic information. Title: Maritime Ode: A Poem by Álvaro de Campos: Author: Fernando Pessoa: Translated by: Richard Zenith: Publisher: Portugal Pavilion, 49. Frankfurter Buchmesse, 1997: ISBN: 9729706867 ...

A poesia nunca foi o meu forte... como me lembro de tr lido Fernando Pessoa por volta dos 15 anos e ter gostado, quando vi esta oferta da conversasdecafe, no BookCrossing, candidatei-me. Gostei bastante do início do livro, fez-me recordar as minhas travessias quase diárias do Tejo, quando vivia na outra banda e estudava em Lisboa. Depois o livro - ou o àlvaro de Campos - passa-se ...

This masterpiece by write Fernando Pessoa will take place at Alvin Ailey (405 West 55th Street), ... «Maritime Ode» is one of the most extraordinary poems by Álvaro de Campos, whose text is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2015. It’s dawning. A man on a quay, watching, takes over the wheel of the steamer that never docked. He sails on an inner voyage, in his mind wandering through all ...

Ode Marítima: poema de Álvaro de Campos (Paperback) Published 1996 by Parque Expo 98 1ª, Paperback, 55 pages ... Ode Maritime. Suivie De Fumerie, "Viens, Ô Nuit ... ", Salut À Walt Whitman, Le Passage Des Heures (Paperback) Published 1994 by La Différence Paperback, 190 pages Author(s): Fernando Pessoa, Dominique Touati (Translator), Michel Chandeigne (Translator) ISBN: …

Freitas Naval Ode Translations Pessoa Plural: 8 (O./Fall 2015) 129 Álvaro( de( Campos( is( one( of( the( most( well( known( heteronyms( of( the

Álvaro de Campos (October 15, 1890 – November 30, 1935) was one of the poet Fernando Pessoa's various heteronyms, widely known by his powerful and wrathful writing style. According to his author, this alter ego was born in Tavira, Portugal, studied mechanical engineering and finally graduated in ship engineering in Glasgow. After a journey in Ireland, Campos sailed to the Orient and wrote his poem "Opiario" in the Suez Canal "onboard". He worked in 'Barrow-on-Furness' (sic) (of which Pessoa wrote …

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